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The Neighbourhoods Foundation is a charitable trust incorporated in New Zealand that oversees and steers development of the Neighbourhoods framework. The Trust represents our commitment to maintaining the Social Sensemaker as a free and open-source technology. Accordingly, its objectives are to build and maintain a suite of tools enabling the creation of digital social spaces that enhance social coordination, sense-making, and community self-determination.


We are building the online spaces we want to be in! Our team strives to create software that offers the best of both older and newer digital technologies. For this reason, we build local-first tools that enable communities to own their data and have more agency in how they store, validate, and apply value to their information.

We firmly believe that when communities can locally track and validate data pertaining to their goals, value can flow in and out in a more sustainable way.

We are enthusiastic about tools that give rise to purpose-led participatory cultures; not only because it’s right, but because it’s fun.


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Siddharth Sthalekar

Head of Business and Strategy

Sid’s experience spans from heading South Asia's largest trading desk to exploring distributed economic paradigms in the Gandhi Ashram in India. He is the founder of Sacred Capital, a Singapore based organisation that has developed reputation infrastructure for Neighbourhoods.
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Emaline Friedman

Head of Comms and Partnerships

Emaline is a psychologist, author, and communicator. Over the last decade, she has been exploring distributed systems technologies capacity to suppport community organizing and self-determination.
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Pablo Somonte Ruano

Design Strategy

Pablo works as a designer creating ambiguous software, generative systems, transmedia narratives, media art and odd music in the fields of social coordination and postcapitalist economies.
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Jillian Ada Burrows

Tech team lead

Jill is an autodidact with an insatiable curiosity. Her interests span math, physics, music, psychology, culture, history, and her family's genealogy.
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Nick Stebbings

Full Stack Developer

Nick is a full stack developer from the UK, living in New Zealand. A background in economics and politics led him through the crypto rabbit hole and deep into Holochain land where he hopes to contribute to a flourishing p2p economy of new ideas, co-operation, and self-sovereign data & identity - with a splash of music and humour along the way.
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Emily Rogers

Marketing Manager

Emily is a web3 marketing maven at the forefront of the regenerative finance movement. From last-mile DeFi accessibility to new forms of nature-backed money, she believes a new borderless digital economy can help us create a better future.
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Vishad Tomar

Product Designer

Vishad is a Product Designer during the weekdays and a potter on the weekends, getting his hands dirty with clay. His interests range from Buddhist philosophy and psychology to climate change and the post-growth movement. Whenever he can, he enjoys volunteering on farms, soaking up nature, and giving back to his community.

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Neighbourhoods Foundation: 14 Wise Street, Addington, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand