How It Works

Modular Holochain Apps

Neighbourhoods express their cultural patterns atop generic, modular Holochain apps. These tools are made by developers for communities.

The only components of a neighbourhood besides generic modules and intentional cultural patterns are the pieces we include to make neighbourhoods discoverable, interoperable, and fundable. These include a lobby, registry, and Neighbhourhoods credit accounting mechanism, as well as the Reputation Interchange that makes records of your activity portable to other neighbourhoods.

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Connecting Community Activators and Developers

These blocks of code provide web utilities like chat, collaborative docs, threaded forums, or code designed for sharing specific resources, like bikes or rooms.

Developers can experiment with Holochain to build widely usable, neighbourhoods compliant widgets.

Community Activators and stakeholders can use simple dashboards to select and bundle tools, and configure their cultural practices based on the needs and style of their group.

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Collaborators Welcome

The neighbourhoods framework supports our mission to connect lightweight web 3.0 modules to the open-source Reputation Interchange - all this, to realize a massive plurality of reputation types and ways of relating across the distributed web.

Wanna build a neighbourhood without using Holochain modules? Have a blockchain in mind to pair with neighbourhoods scaffolding components and Reputation Interchange? No problem; we salute you.

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