Low-Code Marketplace
Dual System: Neighbourhoods Tokens & Credits

The Neighbourhoods framework optimizes for small, functional pieces of Holochain code that are easily stackable and configurable. We designed NH credits to turn market forces on the standardization of code and away from extracting value from communities. NH credits are linked to NH tokens, the crypto-coin that enables an on- and off-ramp to liquidity for developers and the project as a whole.

Seamless Payment for Dev Hours Worked

Utilities in the marketplace have unique hashes so that developer contributions can be tracked across their uses in particular neighbourhoods.

Payout to developers by neighbourhoods that use code is based on actual hours worked rather than use alone - after all, software is a non-zero sum resource!

Maybe more people using a module entails more hours of maintenance -- this is a fair increase, not a venture multiplier. We believe revenues to developers shouldn't increase in principle as a function of increased user count.

Code also has features of a common good, making it possible to spread costs for modules across neighbourhoods over time (before becoming very cheap or free).

A Crypto-Accounting System

NH Credits therefore enable:

  • In-neighbourhoods invoicing and settlement with developers
  • Cost-sharing across different neighbourhoods
  • Interoperability with NH tokens, a cryptomarket gateway for the project and developers
  • Eventual standardization of module quality

more information
Neighbourhoods Foundation: 4 Ash Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch 8011, New Zealand