$NHT Smart Contract and Exchange Listings

Contract Address

As of December 2021, $NHT has been deployed on the ETH and MATIC chains. The contract address can be found on each network below. Please make sure to use this address when searching for $NHT to avoid getting scammed.

Ethereum Network:

Polygon network:

Exchange Listings

$NHT is now available on decentralized exchanges, like SushiSwap, QuickSwap, and Uniswap. Our aim in creating $NHT pools on DEXs is to enable price discovery, to extend our community beyond those who participated in our recent Offering, and to gradually make liquidity available, in keeping with demand for $NHT.

Please watch this page or join the announcement channel in our Discord server for information on future listings. You can also learn how to buy $NHT on SushiSwap here.

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