The Social Sensemaker

Cultural computation

The Social Sensemaker is at the heart of Neighbourhoods, providing groups a means of expressing unique cultural flavors and styles, and porting data reflecting how they recognize, credit, and respond to each others’ assertions and creations.

Instead of inheriting a set of reactions from platforms, design these and other metrics to fit your group! Use emojis, checks, and other gestures to get everyone participating in the sensemaking you need, whether it’s spotting disinformation, collecting “vouches”, tagging based on intention, clarifying the value of a post or media object, or something else!

Think of it as a ‘cultural computer’ that ties data to their contexts of origin, making them portable to other spaces without loss of meaning. Individuals can move about the distributed web more freely and groups scale more consciously, thanks to better sensemaking about newcomers and other neighbourhoods.

Key benefits

Intentional online culture: Communities configure their own cultures and interactional forms locally with our bootstrapping wizard. Choose how your group recognizes media, and each other, from a marketplace of social sensing modules - minimal coding required.

You control your data: Port data across group membranes to display credibility freely and increase coherence between neighbourhoods.

P2P verification: Our “trust, but verify” approach is powered by Holochain. Local computation is the only way to perform cost effective social sensemaking on web3.

Designed and built by Sacred Capital. Read more about its architecture here.

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