The Social Sensemaker

Intelligence for the distributed web

The Social Sensemaker enables neighbourhoods to add, process, and store metadata. These metadata become actionable insights, such that neighbourhoods can organize and curate the information they generate.

Instead of inheriting reaction sets from platforms, design these and other metrics to organize group experience. Use emojis and other gestures to create desired engagement, whether it’s spotting disinformation, collecting “vouches”, aggregating and tagging data according to a standard, or organizing feeds based on group preference.

The Sensemaker scrapes EntryTypes from Holochain apps, or data sets generated in other protocols. Apps formatted to interact with the Sensemaker make it even easier to modify how a tool behaves via input from the group using it.

Assessments UI Dashboard UI

Key benefits

Intentional online culture: Communities configure their interactional forms locally. Choose media and feed elements, inputs and measurements to apply to them, and scoring computations that sort results into meaningful context.

Serverless intelligence: Groups store, use, and share their own data to refine their activities and environments.

P2P validation: Our “trust, but verify” approach is powered by Holochain. Local computation is the only way to perform cost effective social sensemaking on web3.

See the code here.

more information

Neighbourhoods Foundation: 14 Wise Street, Addington, Christchurch 8024, New Zealand